Beer Cheese, another of Kentucky’s unique culinary inventions

(Source: Facebook/Never Enough Thyme)

Kentucky’s given many gifts to the culinary world – the hot brown, burgoo, bourbon balls and derby pie. But one food that’s on many bar menus across the country also hails from the Bluegrass state, Beer Cheese.

Johnnie Allman of Richmond, Ky. claims to have created what he originally called “spicy cheese”, but now is known as the the Beer Cheese That Started it All”.

Beer cheese is a deliciously tangy, spicy dip/spread usually made with sharp cheddar cheese, spices, garlic and beer.

It can be found in bars, restaurants, tailgates and parties around the South, on burgers, with soft pretzels or pizza.

There’s even a Beer Cheese Festival every summer in Winchester, Ky. which includes tastings, competitions and a Big Cheesy 5k.

So the next time you reach to dip a pretzel or cracker in the delicious tangy, spicy beer cheese, thank the Commonwealth it came from.

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