Castle and Key distillery opening for visitors, tours soon

By: Scott Reynolds, WAVE 3 News anchor

A place that some credit with helping get the ball rolling on bourbon in the state of Kentucky will reopen soon.

Castle and Key, located less than 10 miles outside of Frankfort, has been described as historic and romantic, with beautiful structures on its 113 acres. It’s also the place where Colonel Taylor started making bourbon in 1887.

“You almost feel like you’re transported into another country from the way the architecture sits … and the environment around you,” Master Distiller Marianne Eaves said of the space.

Eaves said she always expects tourists to come for the bourbon and beauty, but bets on them staying around a bit longer than the average distillery visit.

“Walking around the historical garden getting a drink and sitting alongside Glens Creek and listening to the water … it’s so serene and I think people are just going to want to come and hang out here and share the space whether they’re in the distillery or just on the grounds,” Eaves said.

Patrons won’t get to enjoy Castle and Key bourbon just yet. It’s sitting in a warehouse, aging to perfection. The first batch of bourbon should be ready for bottling in early 2021 and will taste a lot like the Colonel Taylor originals from 1933.

“It was fantastic a heavy butterscotch note,” Eaves said of the bourbon’s flavor. “So we’re pursuing something a little sweeter. However we wanted to add some of our own nuance and complexity to it.”

Castle and Key has been set to open for visitors and tours on September 19.

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