First-ever Louisville Pizza Week is happening

Louisville Pizza Week is a thing and it’s a thing that’s happening next week and we are pumped.

The inaugural event runs from Nov. 12-18, and will allow patrons at select pizzerias to enjoy $8 pizzas for at least a 10-inch pie.

We all know Louisville’s pizza scene is vastly underrated, boasting dozens of mom-and-pop joints in all corners of town.

This ain’t Cincinnati, fella.

Nor is this New York, where you can munch on one wide, thin, soggy 2 a.m. slice while walking to the train in Manhattan, then getting an exact replica of it when you get to Brooklyn at 3 a.m., assuming you stayed awake and remembered your stop.

No sir, Louisville pizza offers a great many types of pizza, and we don’t care what Dave Portnoy and his legions of stoolies say, the participating pizzerias are predominantly popular:

Pizza Bar is located at Fourth Street Live!

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