Love is better in Zulily’s Double-Header Sweater

Video Courtesy: Zulily

I don’t have a significant other… but if I did, I can’t imagine spending Valentine’s Day without being joined at the hip – or should I say, the shoulder.

Zulily has solved the dilemma that’s plagued lovers for centuries with one simple piece of clothing – the Double-Header Sweater.

Double-Header Sweater Zulily

Yep, that’s right. You and your fave human can spend endless hours attached to each other in style.

The sweaters are a convenient one size fits all and come in several different designs. There’s even one for besties.

Double-Header Sweater Zulily

They are available for the low price of $39.99. That’s just $19.99 per person!

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Double-Header Sweater Zulily

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