10 finalists chosen for ‘I Got The Hook-Up 2’ contest

Entertainment mogul Master P is hosting a contest for his new movie, I Got The Hook-Up 2.

He is choosing one person from Louisville to attend the movie's Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood.

Applicants for the contest were asked to submit an essay explaining how laughter and comedy can have a positive impact on Louisville communities. Hundreds of people responded.

The contest entries were narrowed down to the following ten finalists. The final winner will be announced at a private event in February.

(The contest is sponsored by Master P and the Winton & Hiestand Law Group.)

Christian Butler

Christian Butler

Laughter is a universal language that brings people from all different walks of life together! In a time where anger and tension sink to the roots of our communities, laughter has the ability to water the parts of us that can bring about unity and love.

Sharing a laugh also has several health benefits. From relieving stress, to organ stimulation, and even mood and immune system improvement.

With these benefits and more, the residents of Louisville will have the strength and mental motivation to do the work that needs to be done to make Louisville a better place both now and in the future!

Attacha Rudolph

Attacha Rudolph

Laughter and comedy can bring so much to the Louisville communities, especially with all the killings that have being going on. Innocent kids have been losing their lives from stray bullets. Who’s going to protect the kids? Who’s going to show them a better way?

Laughter and smiles are just what the community needs. There’s a lot of lost souls with no where to go and souls to be feed.

You feel so better when you smile. Kings and Queens all around come on put all them guns down. More comedy nights like Bow Thursdays with C-Tez. He brings the city out and together.

It’s going to take a village like back in days people coming together in a major way.

Don’t be afraid of you; I know we can do it. If we can have weeks of killing and then the whole city come together when Ali died, no killings just us as a city coming together.

No hating just uplifting one another, positive spirits and comedy shows. A smile goes a long way to uplifts others.

Senseless killing is a choice. Let’s choose positive vibes. Remember we’re the youth’s voice.

Louisville has so much not enough collaboration. Let’s make a vow to come together, more laughter and smiles. Positive vibes from here on out ya hear me.

Terrell Briggs

Terrell Briggs

Laughter can provide positivity and encouragement for Louisville communities because comedy, humor, & anything funny is universal. It brings people together from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures, religions.

Comedy takes what’s wrong in everyone’s life and makes it possible to look at something that may have us down, cheer us up. It helps you learn that no matter what race, religion, sex, or etc., we all have similar experiences.

The more we know we are alike, the easier it is for us to unify.

Tiffany Sherrod

Tiffany Sherrod

Laughter is a common emotion throughout every culture and economic background. If we can all come together through laughter and comedy and unite, even if for an hour or two, we can begin to heal the brokenness and divide in the country. Laughter is a reminder that we aren’t all as different as we think we are.

On a local level, people are unfairly classified by the part of town that they reside in. The West End is not a cursed location, just like the East End is not a cure-all location.

We are all Louisvillians and it is time for us to come together and heal the brokenness in the city. Once people begin to heal, the crime rate will start to decrease and the drug abuse will start to subside.

Who knows, maybe that can start with one laugh at a time?

Champelle Green

Champelle Green

Laughter could cause a person having a bad or stressful day to feel more better about things and see life has more to it than always being  upset, angry, depressed.

A Comedy show would also have a very good impact on Louisville communities, it gives people something to do. Everyone can use a laugh. Being around a positive vibe puts people in a better place.

It may stop someone from having suicide thoughts, bring people out of depression, give some type of motivation about life. I feel that if we had more positive impact and support, Louisville teens would have something to do instead of the drugs, gangs and violence.

Comedy and laughter could also bring couples back together because they may have lost who they was as one.

Over all I feel more laughter and comedy encourage the city to come as one and not as if we hate each other or we can’t get along with each other.

Tomika Smith

Tamika Smith

I feel laughter is what a lot of communities need more of because when you are laughing and smiling, you can forget about the troubles of your day, find a solution to what was bothering you, or even realize what you were mad or sad about was actually not that serious.

If some of these young kids and adults with guns would stop being so angry and begin to live and experience things that are amazing and fun. If you are laughing more, you can’t possibly have the urge to hurt or kill another.

And that is what we need in Louisville, more reasons to laugh, NOT CRY!

When me and my (now young adult) kids have movie night, a comedy is always one of the choices. And I have watched I Got The Hook Up with them. They used to call themselves the No Limit Soldiers, lol.

And of course, I’m a huge fan. And looking forward to seeing part 2.

Sonny Caulk

Sonny Caulk

Laughter has no color, no matter what community you’re in. If you had a stage and a mic with a comic telling jokes on a Friday or a Saturday, we would see communities come together and get to know one another instead of living beside your neighbors and not knowing their names.

Laughter can provide a communication tool between the police and our communities instead of people screaming and not being heard about the issues in our communities.

Laughter has no racism, no judgement, laughter has a feeling we can all relate.

I’ve never heard of a violent act at a comedy show. Comedy could be a great tool to get are communities together.

Dana Bowman

Dana Bowman

Having a genuine understanding of laughter and comedy is important. Laughter soothes the heart and the mind, while bringing happiness and peace to someone.

With me being a Louisville citizen, I tend to bond often with those of my community by simply smiling or holding a simple conversation while at a store, gas station, or anywhere that I may be, and that conversation can leave a lasting impact. There is always something to be encouraging about, despite any of the negativity that the media may portray about the city and specific areas, but by being able to override the negativity by being uplifting to one another, it can start one by one and continue to lead into a trend that is much needed.

There are different forms of comedy that can provide positivity and encouragement for Louisville communities and citizens by it being something that will be long-lasting. Hearing laughter from others is very contagious and the more that it is heard and being provided by others, it brings the community together. The more happiness and laughter that we have, the more positivity and encouragement that can be brought.

With the new movie, I Got The Hook-Up 2 being given a preview in Louisville, it can bring hope, encouragement, motivation, and laughter that will be the change that the community needs.

Clenteria Tharpe

Clenteria Tharpe

Laughter for Louisville, KY is so over do. As a mother of a child that was murdered, I first hand know the sadness as well as the dark place it takes you.

Being able to laugh can bring joy, and a community that has so much darkness around it needs the opportunity to see first hand, so comedians that have overcome struggle and turned into laughter.

Laughter makes the heart able to keep going and it makes the dark place turn into light. And if our community can see laughter everyday instead of sadness, we could be that happy place once again.

Brandon Hickman

Brandon Hickman

It starts with you. Being homeless with nothing except a dollar and a dream I would always find a way to sleep with a smile at nights and that was because of laughter.

I recently went and bought 150 McDoubles and fed the homeless and to see the smiles on their faces was so priceless.

Laughter can take you away. No matter if you’re living in a nightmare laughter can cure it.

We have brothers and sisters incarcerated to this day that use the power of laughter to push them through everyday!

It would be a honor to be able to go not only watch this great movie but politic with such great men!

We all we got so let’s all Be the difference!

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