2018 St. James Court Art Show poster unveiled

The St. James Court Art Show unveiled its new poster for the 2018 art show on Friday afternoon.

The vibrant and eclectic poster for one of Louisville’s most iconic autumn events was created by artist Kenneth “K.O.” Lewis, a Louisville native who was born and raised in the West End of the city.


Lewis’ inner-city upbringing helped shape his creative direction, and he is known in the art world for his portrait-based work, often using iconic figures and inspirational quotes. The intent is to uplift one’s spirit, a release from the show said.

“My specific inspiration behind this piece was really focued on trying to represent the area, Old Louisville, and represent the show itself, the St. James Court and its grand nature,” Lewis said. “And also, to represent the time of the year that it takes place, in the fall, and those beautiful colors that you get with these trees and this neighborhood.”



This year’s festival is October 5, 6 and 7.

Founded in 1957, the St. James Court Art Show was ranked one of the top ten art shows in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine.

It is held in the heart of Historic Old Louisville. The show brings over 100,000 visitors, art dealers and artists to the city every year.


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