Kentucky distillery creates whiskey in partnership with Metallica

Kentucky distillery creates whiskey in partnership with Metallica
(Source: Willett Distillery)

In one of the most unique partnerships, a Kentucky distillery is creating a new whiskey in partnership with a classic heavy metal band.

The new “Masters of Whiskey” series was created by BLACKENED American Whiskey distiller and Blender Rob Dietrich along with Metallica. The whiskey blends are finished to unique playlists of music using what BLACKENED calls their “BLACK NOISE” sonic enhancement process.

The first in the series is Blackened X Willett, created with Willet Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. Metallica was given a firsthand tour of the distillery during a stop at their WorldWired tour in 2019, which fueled the partnership.

“The next step was to expand on BLACKENED’s foundation, to push the possibilities of the marriage of music and whiskey even further,” Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said. “When we visited Willett Distillery in 2019 and saw the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every drop they produce, we knew we had found kindred spirits.”

Blackened X Willett is a straight rye whiskey finished in Madeira Casks for up to 14 weeks and uses Metallica’s music to vibrate the barrels, causing interaction between the whiskey and the wood.

The distillery describes the whiskey with fruity notes, honey overtones and hints of raspberry.

Whether you prefer your whiskey in the jar or in a glass, the distillery said the new blend will be available starting in September 2021. And nothing else matters.

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