‘Next Generation’ KFC opens in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The COVID pandemic has changed consumer habits. For one well-known restaurant branch based in Louisville, those new habits are being highlighted to get fast food to consumers even faster.

On Monday, KFC held a grand opening for a new restaurant which it calls Next Generation.

The restaurant features what the chain calls a digital-forward Next Generation design aesthetic.

“Next Generation is focusing more on digital orders,” April Downing, KFC Market Manager said. “We have designated parking spots for GrubHub, Postmates, KFC.com. Special entrance for online orders as well.”

What that will mean for customers is they can get in and get out faster.

The location at 5603 Preston Highway in Louisville is one of only 10 KFCs in the US to have the Next Gen design. It’s a reaction to the increased demand in online ordering, delivery, and drive thru.

“COVID hit pretty hard,” Downing said. “This is the route that we’re taking, and we think it’s going to be better for customers.”

From the outside of the building, there’s still the red and white stripes, but with a more modern edge. The chicken, however, is still the same recipe as the one Colonel Harland Sanders introduced back in 1952.

However, there are new partnerships for the chicken restaurant, like the one with another famous Louisvillian who might attract a younger clientele.

“Looking to make a lot of sandwiches, and a lot of Jack Harlow meals to be sold today,” Keith Burns, general manager said.

The Jack Harlow meal includes a spicy chicken sandwich, fries, macaroni and cheese, a ranch dip cup and lemonade.

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Shannon Cogan

Shannon Cogan

Shannon Cogan is the anchor of WAVE News Sunrise and the anchor of WAVE News Midday.