Frazier Museum offers free membership to college students

Frazier History Museum is going virtual

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (DERBY CITY WEEKEND) - College students in Kentucky and Indiana will soon be able to visit one of downtown’s popular museums free of charge through the year.

The Frazier History Museum is once again offering free memberships to college students attending classes in either Kentucky or Indiana colleges or universities.

This is the second year Frazier History Museum will have offered free memberships to students since 2020.

With the free memberships, students will gain admission to the museum and access to exhibitions as well as earn a Frazier Weekly subscription.

“Our mission at the Frazier is to ignite the human spirit with thoughtfully crafted stories,” Frazier president and CEO Andy Treinen said in a release. “What better place to light that flame than with college students, who have a natural curiosity to understand the world around them. Whatever your major is; art, history, biology, business, engineering, you’ll find something here that inspires you.”

Students who have their membership activated can continue to renew for free until their graduation date.

More information on the Frazier History Museum and to activate memberships online, click or tap here.

Dustin Vogt

Dustin Vogt

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