White Castle offers 20% off for 4/20

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - White Castle is offering a special deal for hungry guests this 4/20.

The restaurant said it will be offering 20% off all online orders with coupon code “CRAVINGS” and with a coupon that can be used in store, according to a tweet from the restaurant.

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April 20 is known as an unofficial, counter culture holiday honoring marijuana and cannabis.

Recreational marijuana usage is not legal in Kentucky and Indiana, but a recent bill signed into law in Kentucky allows the use of medicinal marijuana for qualified medical conditions.

The numerical code “420″ for marijuana has multiple rumors for its origin, according to a report from CNN, but has been adopted and since widely used in pop culture.

White Castle has also been connected in pop culture to marijuana in the 2005 film “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.”

More information can be found on White Castle’s homepage.

Dustin Vogt

Dustin Vogt

Dustin Vogt joined the digital team of WAVE News in September 2019.