Black Complex Louisville Juneteenth Festival preparations underway

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Organizers are planning for Louisville’s fourth annual Juneteenth Festival, bringing four days of networking events, music, food and more.

The Louisville Juneteenth Festival, running from June 16 through June 19 at several locations throughout the city, was started by Black Complex Louisville in sponsorship with several local partners.

Black Complex Louisville said the event’s focus is to elevate the city of Louisville and its Black founders through education, innovation, culture and more.

For the four-day festival running, organizers plan on hosting more than 100 vendors and businesses for the event.

“Super excited about our new events this year, we’re going to be bringing a special guest to the LouCity soccer game,” Aaron Jordan, founder of Black Complex Louisville said. “It’s going to be really exciting. and I’m excited to be able to release that name when I can. We’re going to be doing our block party, so first time for that.”

Since the first event in 2020, the Louisville Juneteenth Festival has grown to more than 10,000 people attending the event.

For more information on this year’s festival, click or tap here.

Dustin Vogt

Dustin Vogt

Dustin Vogt joined the digital team of WAVE News in September 2019.