5 Questions with the founder of Fleur & Frond


We may be nearing the start of fall and the end of flowers blooming, but there’s a unique way that you can still find beautiful flowers. In fact, you may have seen the old VW truck around town selling them. It’s sort of like a food truck, but for flowers. It’s called a Flowermobile.

Lauren Stanfield grew up on a farm surrounded by plants and flowers, and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into other people’s live. The result is Fleur & Frond.

Here are my five questions with Lauren Stanfield:

Fleur & Frond
Lauren Stanfield grew up on a farm surrounded by plants and flowers, and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into other people’s live. The result is Fleur & Frond. (Source: Fleur & Frond)

1. Tell us a little about the Flowermobile. Where did you get it and how have you modified it?
Fleur & Frond is Louisville’s mobile flower truck, where each day we are parked in a different location throughout the city. Furthermore, we attend various events in the Louisville area, the Norton Commons farmers markets, and private events. We always have a unique variety of flowers and greenery for you to create your own bouquet with love. Plus, we offer flower arrangements in beautiful vases. In addition, Fleur & Frond will be offering gorgeous wreaths for the fall and winter holidays.

Many customers are curious about Fleur & Frond’s truck, which is a 1959 VW Transporter that we located out on the west coast. Over the past few years, I researched vintage trucks and fell in love with the VW style and functionalities. Overall, we did not do any modifications, just some restorations and designed the set-up of the barrels and buckets for the display of the fresh-cut stems.

2. What makes for a unique arrangement? How can you make things stand out?
An eye-catching design is our number one goal for an arrangement by Fleur & Frond. Each arrangement has unique flowers that make a statement, though most importantly it is all about the design/creativity. I think of each arrangement as a piece of artwork that incorporates the one-of-a-kind touch of Fleur & Frond, but also the personality/style of the client it is being designed for. Lastly, the vase/urn for the arrangement is also important as it needs to be distinctive though not taking the attention away from the flowers while at the same time tying into the floral design and the décor of where it will be displayed. Each arrangement from Fleur & Frond is created with love with a special touch of extraordinary uniqueness.

3. As summer winds down, what are your favorite fall flowers and colors?
For fall, shades of almond, butterscotch, olive green, apricot, chestnut, and marigolds are always joyful to incorporate. With these color palates, stems of various grasses, wheats, millet, bunny tails, cattails, amaranthus, etc., integrate together very nicely. These colors and stems are always a great base to then add accent stems of various flowers to bring in colors to encompass the decor the bouquet/arrangement will be a part of.

4. You grew up on your family farm. How did that experience inspire you in your business?
The experience on my family farm absolutely inspired my love for nature and developed my creativity with plants/flowers. As a kid, I always spent my free time outside, whether it was riding our horses, helping my family with our garden, or exploring nature. I remember always roaming our garden and fields cutting flowers, leaves, and grasses to then sit on our porch to arrange them in any type of container I could find, whether it was a mason jar, a glass from the kitchen, or even an old bucket/watering can. As I grew up, I continued to be creative with flowers to design bouquets to share with family and friends.

5. What can we expect next from Fleur & Frond?
Fleur & Frond is continuing to grow, which we are over-joyed to share with our customers. Here shortly, we will be starting a bouquet subscription service for individuals as well as for businesses. In addition, we will be conducting floral workshops throughout the year to share our love of floral design with others. For the latest happenings and schedule, be sure to keep an eye on our website as well as on social media.

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