Annie Moore’s FAVE 3 Record Stores

By: Annie Moore, WAVE 3 News Digital Producer

Most of my childhood experience was scored by music that came out decades before I did. The first album I put on my first iPod was the Eagles’ Hotel California. Next was Ray Charles’ Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music. While everyone was debating between Chris Brown or Lady Gaga, I wanted my high school junior prom theme to be We May Never Pass This Way Again by Seals and Crofts. So growing up, placing a record on a turntable and listening to the sound of the needle in the groove before the first track started was a small, euphoric moment I could take to cope with my reality of being born in the wrong decade.

As I’ve grown up, this music taste has led to a pretty extensive vinyl collection, and a mild addiction to vinyl shopping. A plaid-printed, metal lunch box full of 45s sits in my living room next to a turntable, and two crates of the music that both defines and defies me. When I found the Stranger in a small record store outside of St. Paul, I got misty in the middle of the store. When I put Caribou on my turntable for the first time, I almost broke the volume knob off trying to crank it up higher. Whenever I am in a new city, I try to find a good local record store to make another quality find. But I’m fortunate to live in a city with many quality places to go musical treasure hunting.

Here are just a couple great ones, my Fave 3:

Guestroom Records

If you’re grabbing a bite at Silver Dollar or Red Herring, run across the street and check out Guestroom Records. The checkered floors and bright walls set a 50’s vibe, but the vinyl selection spans as far as the eye can see. Be sure to go in the second room and find something you weren’t looking for. You can also grab some cool Guestroom Records swag, including, of course, rocks glasses.

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The Great Escape

Don’t be thrown when you walk in and see rows of vintage comics and superhero memorabilia. A quick turn past the register reveals a collection of most everything good the world of vinyl has to offer. This no-frills store has all of your basics covered. It doesn’t boast the largest selection in town, but the curation is second-to-none. I’ve found many staples of my collection here here. And the dollar section in the back has some real hidden treasures.

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Better Days Records East

The first time I came in this store, I was overwhelmed. Floor to ceiling records in several rooms, set aside a couple of hours to truly experience it. Milk crates house many of the lower-shelf records, and extra milk crates serve as stools for lengthy perusing. Pull up a crate and comb through Better Day’s rows and rows of albums, cds, tapes, and more!

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