Award-winning restaurant Butchertown Grocery not reopening

An award-winning restaurant in the Butchertown neighborhood will stay closed indefinitely.

Restaurant officials said Butchertown Grocery’s executive chef and one of its founding partners, Bobby Benjamin, has accepted a job outside of Louisville, halting initial plans to reopen the restaurant when pandemic restrictions were relaxed.

An award-winning restaurant in Louisville, Butchertown Grocery, will stay closed indefinitely. 

Due to government restrictions put in place during the COVID pandemic, BG’s restaurant has been closed to dine-in customers since mid-March of last year. Restaurant officials said the business has remained afloat for more than a year with most of its staff on board working in the bakery.

The BG bakery will stay open, offering a wide range of baked goods, pastries, coffees, and espressos to the Butchertown community.

“The Butchertown Grocery team worked relentlessly keeping the bakery open and serving the neighborhood throughout the pandemic,” Chad Welch with Butchertown Grocery said. “They have pivoted the business several times and have jumped in with passion and commitment, whether it was experimenting with delivery and menu offerings or working late to delight socially distanced guests with classic tasting menus after hours in the bakery.”

John Moore, BG’s principal owner, said despite his disappointment in Benjamin’s departure, he knows he is doing what is best for his family.

“Bobby put his heart and soul into making Butchertown Grocery great, and I am so proud of what we have achieved,” John Moore, BG’s principal owner, said. “I don’t necessarily agree with Bobby’s conviction that the current local environment is not yet ready to support Butchertown Grocery in the way we all loved it, but I understand the uncertainty COVID has brought to restaurants and chefs. I also understand Bobby’s need to prioritize his family against those of a busy restaurant business with potential plans that could have required travel and time away from family. I know Bobby is going to miss Louisville and its food scene, but most of all he will miss serving his customers. We wanted Butchertown Grocery to feel like a place that was an extension of home for everyone, and I’d like to think we did that. To Bobby, our customers were all family and he treated them that way, and he will be missed.”

The Butchertown Grocery Bakery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Click here to view the menu or place a pickup order.

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