Bernheim Forest opening 10-acre natural ‘Playcosystem’ playground

New activities are set to debut at Bernheim Forest with the completion of the first part of a 10-acre natural playground.

The new addition is called Playcosystem, and it opens to the public Saturday across from the Visitor’s Center in Bernheim. It is being built in three phases, and the first is the Nature Playground.

Bernheim Forest Playcosystem – pole scramble

A five-acre Adventure Forest will be added soon, as well as the TreeCess area where kids can run and play.

Studies show that natural playgrounds enhance childrens’ imaginations and boost their energy levels.

“When children play in natural spaces, they engage more creatively, work cooperatively, build problem-solving skills, and learn to navigate healthy risk,” according to a Bernheim press release.

Bernheim Forest is in Clermont, Ky., about 20 minutes south of the Louisville airport. For more information, please visit

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