California Chrome’s new filly: The People’s Horse

By: David Mattingly, WAVE 3 News anchor

Horses are born all the time on Kentucky farms, but one at Taylor Made in Nicholasville is a little bit different.

That’s because this foal was sired by 2014 Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome, and the delivery by Colerful Bride was shown live on Youtube. Mother and baby are healthy.

Thanks to crowdfunding, ownership of the foal is open to the public. Just last year, True.Ink teamed up with Taylor Made to create The People’s Horse, a project designed to open up the costly world of breeding and racing, said Geoffrey Gray, who manages True.Ink.

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For $249 dollars, a member can participate in the life of a thoroughbred by voting for the mare, watching the birth, and earning exclusive access to the farm and training sessions. Gray described the bond to the horse in emotional terms.

“Well at this point, you know, I feel like we’re all kind of parents to the People’s Horse,” Gray said. “They (thoroughbreds) just emote. They give off a certain feeling, a kind of calming effect.”

“California Chrome was the original People’s Champion,” Taylor Made President Duncan Taylor said. “What better way to carry on the legacy of the underdog than to let the Chromies and his fans own a piece of his successor?”

There has been no announcement yet regarding a chance to purchase equity in the foal, a new model that has the chance to change the way costly racehorses are purchased. While syndicates have becoming increasingly popular in racing, even the lowest investments cost several thousand dollars.

“This is our horse where we can all be the kings and queens,” Taylor said. “We’re after some good, old-fashioned fun, and with our Chrome foal maybe the chance to take down the royalty one more time.”