Denny’s giving away limited-edition pancake stack slippers on 4/20

Denny’s, one of America’s most popular breakfast destinations, just launched a pair of extra-fluffy Pancake Stack slippers, called the Pro Loungers, on Grailed — with more drops coming soon for buyers on Twitter.

Denny’s created a 20-pair limited-edition Run of the Pro Loungers, with each pair handcrafted by Janelle Marie of Seams Come True.

Isabel Hernandez with Denny’s said one single pair of the pancake slides has already been sold on Grailed for $420, a price reflective of “one of the most couch potatoiest days of the year.” The proceeds of that pair will be donated to charity proceeds to be donated to charity.

On April 20, the rest will be given away through giveaways on Twitter from the brand’s account @DennysDiner. Fans can also win their famous Egg Hoodies, gift cards, and one exclusive pair of the Nike Air Max 90 Bacon sneakers by commenting on the Denny’s Twitter page throughout the day on April 20.

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