Dino Safari is latest underground activity at Mega Cavern

There’s a new underground activity to explore at the Louisville Mega Cavern … a dinosaur safari.

Families can grab a pre-historic passport and set off on a journey to explore 40 giant moving dinosaurs.

You’ll get an up-close look at creatures like the T-Rex and Spinosaurus.

Travel back in time to experience earthquakes and dinosaur battles.

It’s a prehistoric drive-through adventure that’s also educational.

“They’re gonna learn about land bridges, they’re gonna learn about tectonic plates, they’re gonna learn about volcanic activity and how it allowed all these reptiles to be dispersed across the seven continents, as well as learning just about what period they’re in, whether crustatcious period or jurassic period or triastic period,” Louisville Mega Cavern Executive Vice President Charles Park said.

The Dino Safari is at the Mega Cavern through May 2.

Tickets are sold by the vehicle and start at $50 for one to seven passengers.

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