Doc’s Bourbon Room opening in February on Whiskey Row, aiming to be country’s biggest whiskey bar

Whiskey Row will have a familiar name on the sign of its newest business opening in February of 2020.

Doc’s Bourbon Room is the child of Ted Bertuca, co-owner of Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar.

Its aim is to be the country’s biggest whiskey bar and feature workshops and tastings.

Doc’s Bourbon Room won’t just be about the booze, however. The restaurant will hold about 80 people, and it will also have a full-service coffee bar.

The food menu’s focus will be classic bar staples with a twist, featuring lamb and beef tartare.

“We hope that guests will move fluidly between the restaurants,” Bertuca adds, “starting the evening with delicious starters and a drink or two before heading to Doc Crow’s for dinner – or ending at Doc’s Bourbon Room for dessert. The two will complement one another and make space for the growth we’ve been seeing in Doc Crow’s and the Louisville market.”

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