Dress like Elvis, get a free meal at Chuy’s

Grab your rhinestone jumpsuit and fake sideburns, because dressing like Elvis will get you a free meal at Chuy’s on The King’s birthday.

Elvis Presley’s birthday is Tuesday, January 8. He would’ve been 84 years old.

To celebrate, Chuy’s is offering a free entrée to anyone who dresses like Elvis or his wife, Priscilla Presley.

Chuy's Elvis

The restaurant’s signature dishes, Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken and the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo, will be discounted $1 for everyone, dressed up or not.

Chuy's Elvis

Chuy’s House Ritas will also be $1 off for The King’s birthday. And, they will be serving a signature drink called the Blue Hawaiian on that day only.

Chuy's Elvis

So, why is Elvis such a big deal at Chuy’s?

When Chuy’s first location opened in 1982, the Austin, Texas restaurant was decorated with an oversized velvet painting of Elvis. Customers began donating their own memorabilia, and the theme stuck throughout its 100 locations all over the country that followed.

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