Tha Drippin’ Crab caters to Black culture, West Louisville community


Two local restaurateurs and chefs with five thriving restaurants — including Superchefs, on Bardstown Road — are opening another.

Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson and Austin Harris, also known as Austin The Box Chef, say their new concept is not for them. It’s a thank you, and hopefully a spark for the future for their West Louisville community.

Ferguson and Harris will use the sauce from Tha Drippin’ Crab to add more flavor and success to West Louisville. It’s a vision they said is encompassed by every floor of The Village on West Jefferson. The Russell Tech Business Incubator is located in the same building, funding and supporting minority-owned businesses.

Ferguson and Harris said they’re not bringing a restaurant to West Louisville as much as they’re adding what’s needed. When asked why they focused on the West Louisville community, Ferguson said it’s “very important because the people who own this spot, that’s their exact goal. Their goal is what we want to do. They want to empower Black people in Black communities and give ownership and opportunities.”

Darnell Ferguson
Darnell Ferguson (right), of Superchefs and Food Network fame, has partnered with Austin Harris to open Drippin Crab in May.

“It just shows what’s going on in this building is already favored by God. We were obedient to seeing the need and being the need, and being available to something that needs your help.”

Black culture will imbed on each inch of the restaurant.

“There will be a gigantic mural that will show iconic people from Louisville sitting here eating our food,” Ferguson said. “We’re looking for Black artists.”

Harris said he’s not just looking forward to the seafood.

“I’m excited about not only the crab, but the desserts,” he said.

Ferguson and Harris pulled in local protester Braylin Hardin, who is known for his cheesecakes. Ferguson, a Food Network staple, said they are the best in the country. Hardin’s cheesecakes will be served at Tha Drippin Crab, and Ferguson said he hopes it leads to Hardin opening his own restaurant, continuing the chain of providing more opportunities for people of color to expand their brands.

“Even the Hennessy peach cobbler cheesecake is crazy,” Ferguson said. “We have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch one; we have a chocolate lover’s cheesecake.”

“We will have the best,” Harris said. “It’s called the Louisville Drip Bag. It will be the best drip bag you’ve ever had in your life, but it’s not a bag.”

The men agreed no part of town should be without great restaurants.

“This is a safe space,” Harris said. “This is a safe space for everyone. It’s not a place where anyone should be afraid to come or a place where people don’t feel accepted. Just because we’re here doing this in this community doesn’t mean you have to look like me to eat here and enjoy yourself.”

The restaurant is expected to open in May; Ferguson said he’ll open reservations a month before.

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