Drive-thru-only Heine Brothers’ Coffee shop coming soon

Soon, Heine Brothers’ Coffee plans to open its first drive-thru-only shop.

At just 600 square feet, it will be much smaller than the coffee chain’s usual stores.

The drive-thru-only location is likely to open this fall on Bardstown Road in Fern Creek, south of the Gene Snyder and near Bates Elementary School. The store will be the 19th for the Louisville-based coffeehouse chain.

A drive-thru-only Heine Brothers location is likely to open this fall on Bardstown Road in Fern Creek.

“We have been working on this drive-thru-only model for some time and are excited because it opens up a lot of opportunities for us. We can bring our coffee to more communities when we can fit into smaller real estate parcels,” Mike Mays, the co-founder and president of Heine Brothers’ Coffee, said. “We will continue to open more full café stores, but we have focused on and improved our drive-thru service in the pandemic year and we believe the time is right to build on this experience.”

This summer, a cafe and drive-thru will also open along Dixie Highway in Valley Station.

The first Heine Brothers’ Coffee shop opened in Highlands in 1994. The company’s headquarters, roastery, and training lab are in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.

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