Expert advice on how to avoid, treat a hangover

By David Mattingly | WAVE 3 News

A recent study discovered a lot of party goers in the bluegrass apparently started 2018 in pain.

An examination of New Year’s Day Google searches showed that in Kentucky, the most common search was “How to get rid of a hangover,” according to

A UofL Emergency Medicine Attending physician, Dr. Martin Huecker, has to treat patients for post-New Year’s hangovers and is not surprised by the study’s findings.

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“They’re throwing up, they want medication for the vomiting,” Huecker said. “And the headache, we give them a cocktail of medications to treat the headache too.”

Huecker offers valuable, medically-proven advice on how to both avoid and treat hangover symptoms. It starts with prevention.

“The day leading up to it get lots of exercise, get plenty of sleep,” Huecker said. “Drink a lot of water before you start drinking then, that night, be really careful with what you drink.”

Here is a list of Huecker’s suggestions for a hangover-free 2019:

  • Keep track of how much you’re drinking
  • Don’t try to compete with other drinkers
  • Drink water between alcoholic drinks
  • Drink expensive alcohol (cheap booze has more hangover-causing impurities)
  • Avoid consuming multiple types of alcohol
  • If you overdo it, sniff rubbing alcohol fumes to relieve nausea
  • Water, Gatorade and Pedialyte are good for relieving dehydration
  • Prescription pain relievers can be prescribed if over-the-counter remedies will not relieve your headache
  • Foods containing magnesium and magnesium supplements can prevent and treat hangover symptoms
Dr. Huecker offers health advice on his website,

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