Fireworks in place for Thunder Over Louisville


Everything is set for the big Thunder Over Louisville fireworks show.

Thousands of pyrotechnics are in place on the Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River.

Thunder bridge fireworks
There are 2,000-3,000 devices on the bridge to launch fireworks.

The designers are promising a show that’s unlike any before.

“Something this year is more bridge,” David Hunter, co-designer of Thunder’s fireworks show from Zambelli Fireworks, said.

Crews have been setting everything up, making sure it all works properly all week long.

Hunter has been designing fireworks shows for 10 years. He and his co-designer, Ralph Piacquadio, designed the show last year, too.

“Fireworks have always been something that have captured my fascination,” Hunter said. “I’ll never be a rock star, but on nights like tomorrow night when you have thousands of people watching your work that can never be created ever again is something pretty special.”

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Hunter and Piacquadio started talking about this year’s show right after last year’s event.

“The first thing we started doing was talking about next year, what we wanted to do and some different looks we wanted to see,” he said.

Hunter said there are a lot of things planned for this show, especially when it comes to the bridge.

“From different runs you’ll see the full length of the bridge, a lot of new effects that are going to come up,” he said. “And being that it is the Wonderful World of Thunder this year we definitely brought our form of pixie dust.”

The theme, The Wonderful World of Thunder, will celebrate 30 years of the show with songs from everyone’s favorite fairytales and animated movies.

“It’s the music everybody grew up with, so to be able to take that music and put our art to it is definitely something we’re looking forward to seeing come to life tomorrow night,” Hunter said.

There are approximately two hours of design per minute of the show, which equals out to about 60 hours of design. Hunter said there are a lot of custom-made fireworks for this show. There are 2,000 to 3,000 devices on the bridge and about 5,000 devices on the barges.

There are more than 7,500 pyrotechnic cues during the show to launch all of the fireworks.

“When the last shell launches and breaks and everything is good and everyone is safe you can finally take your breath and say, another year!” Hunter said.

The Zambelli fireworks display begins on Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

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