Five Questions on Butchertown Grocery Bakery


Soon the smell of fresh baked goodies will be wafting through downtown Louisville near Main and Shelby Streets. It’s where Butchertown Grocery will open Butchertown Grocery Bakery at 739 E. Main Street.

Executive Chef and owner of Butchertown Grocery, Bobby Benjamin, says the new bakery will allow them to expand their current operation. All of the fresh breads at Butchertown Grocery – baguettes, buns, focaccia, bialy, and more – are made currently in house by Butchertown Grocery Pastry Chef Barbara Turner. Turner started working with Benjamin four years ago. Prior to that she was teaching in the Baking and Pastry department at Sullivan.

Butchertown Grocery Pastry Chef Barbara Turner (Source: Barbara Turner)

In the new bakery, the breads will be available, along with pastries, sweets, and snacks. There will also be a full-service coffee shop and beer.

Here are my five questions with Pastry Chef Barbara Turner.

1.) How did you fall in love with baking?
I come from a military family. My father, was in the Army, is from upstate New York. My mother is from Vietnam. They raised me and my sister here in Kentucky just off the Fort Knox base. My mother got me into baking cakes. She used to decorate cakes for all of our birthdays, as well as other special occasions. That inspired me to pursue baking as a career. I attended Sullivan University, where I earned my degree in Baking and Pastry. My husband is also a chef, so a lot of my inspiration comes from him. We love cooking for our kids.

2.) Have you dreamed of having your own bakery for years?
It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve had pictures of it in my head and have imagined what it would be like for years. As it moves toward fruition, I can see the development and feel the excitement and it’s a hundred times more awesome than I ever imagined it could be!

3.) How will this bakery be different from others?
The bakery will combine the classic authenticity of an old school bakery with the modern sophistication of Butchertown Grocery. We will be serving beer that you can enjoy with your food. We will also have a package license, and will be selling beer and our barrel picks of bourbon to go. Nic Christiansen, our beverage director, and Chef Bobby, really get into these barrel picks and have a knack for finding the good stuff. Nic will also have an amazing coffee program- I am looking forward to seeing what a great mixologist can do with coffee drinks!

4.) Is there something special you try to add to most of your baked goods?
We source the best possible ingredients for every single item we make, practice proper technique, and execute with love and finesse. I am really proud of everything that we put into our food, both literally and figuratively. We just love what we do.

5.) What’s your favorite sweet treat to indulge in?
I’m definitely a cookie monster! My husband makes the best no bake cookies on the planet! I also really love the brownies that we make at BG. They are so fudgy and delicious!

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