Five Questions on new Sculpt6 fitness studio in Louisville


You’ve likely heard of Pilates. But what about the Lagree Fitness Method?

The Lagree Fitness Method uses a large machine called the Megaformer that resembles a Pilates reformer. But the owner of the new local studio, Sculpt6, says this is not a Pilates workout.

Brenna Gray
Brenna Gray (Source: Sculpt6)

Brenna Gray said the machine allows the body to shift quickly from one exercise to another, increasing the heart rate and getting the blood pumping.

Her Sculpt6 studio is now open on Westport Road (near Target).

Here are my five questions with Brenna Gray of Sculpt6.

1.) How did you learn about the Lagree Fitness Method and why did you want to bring it to Louisville with your Sculpt6 studio?

I learned about the Lagree Method while living in Los Angeles. I took the method at a studio there for 7 years. Within the first few weeks of taking the classes, I could also see a noticeable and positive difference in my body.

When I moved back to Louisville three years ago, I missed the workout so much. I just couldn’t get the same results with anything else. I have been so proud to watch Louisville grow in the fitness industry and I knew that the folks here were ready for this method. I needed to share it!

2.) Is this a workout that you need to be in shape to take part in?

I get this question a lot. The answer is no. No matter what shape you are or are not in, the first class will be tough. You are doing something new and activating muscles that just don’t get the same focus in other workouts. There are modifications to every move, so anyone can do this. It is slow and controlled.

Also, with only 10 machines in class, our instructors can really provide the proper guidance needed. We want to push our students, of course, but we understand that everyone is at different levels. We want to support each person on their own fitness journey and at their own pace.

Plus, we want you to have fun! There is lots of laughing and encouragement amongst our community. I recommend fitting it in with your other routines three times a week.

This is a Lagree Fitness Method megaformer. (Source: Sculpt6)

3.) What does this do to your body?

I would say — what doesn’t it do? It strengthens, tones, increased mind/body awareness, helps with flexibility, cardio endurance and even posture. The first thing most students notice is a change in their core strength. I like to say we are creating firmer and tighter abdomens all over the city.

4.) How long is the class and please tell me about a typical class?

The classes are about 45 to 50 minutes. Each student has their own machine during class and are guided through sequences of slow but intense movements that work to fatigue each muscle group before moving onto the next.

We typically start with the core, move onto the legs, obliques, upper body, and drive it all home with a bit more core work to really fatigue that area. There is some joking and laughing tossed in there as well of course, we like to work that mind a little too! It’s truly a full body experience.

5.) Do you listen to music in the class?

Oh yes! All kinds of music. There are even some special classes that have fun artist-focused playlists. We just did a Lady Gaga playlist class this week.

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