Frat House: Louisville DJ turns mixtape into film starring local talent

Video Courtesy: Hype Man Studios/Nu Life Filmz/Rizm Filmz

Louisville filmmakers are celebrating the release of Frat House, an independent movie that was produced right here in Derby City.

The concept for the film came from a mixtape by DJ PartyAllWknd (Darryl Stephens), who wrote and co-produced the movie.

Frat House movie

The storyline follows two friends on their way to a 90s-themed party at a legendary frat house on their college campus. Along the way, the main characters run into a dangerous fraternity member and find themselves in some sticky situations.

Stephens, along with the movie’s director and co-producer, Rodney Cox, put the film together without a budget. The entire process took more than two years.

Much of the project was produced in West Louisville – the frat house scenes were shot at a home in the Shawnee neighborhood.

The cast features well-known talent from Louisville, including Linkin Bridge’s Adé Nichols, hip-hop artist Dame Debiase, radio host Mikesha Thomas, poet Lance Newman and DJ PartyAllWknd.

Frat House movie
Cast members from Frat House.

Frat House will make its Louisville debut at a screening on Friday, January 18 at Village 8 Theaters. Tickets for the event sold out in about an hour, but we’re told the producers are working to schedule more showings in the near future.

The film was also well-received at a recent screening in New York City, and it will be previewed in other cities across the country.

Frat House movie
Frat House producers Rodney Cox & Darryl Stephens attend the film’s New York City screening.

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