‘Froot Loop’ mini doughnuts at Hardee’s

Talk about 90’s nostalgia! Many of you may remember this iconic cereal growing up and seeing Toucan Sam on TV with his bright colored beak.

froot loop doughnuts

Well, fast forward to 2018, Froot Loop doughnuts are launched after the iconic cereal.

Toucan Sam approved, these Froot Loop mini doughnuts are rolling out at participating Hardees’ starting August 29.

You will find a yellow, purple, red, green and blue in each box coated in Froot Loop-flavored frosting. Yum? We had to try it for ourselves. The verdict: They taste exactly like the cereal after sitting in milk for a little while. Not bad at all though! If you’re a Froot Loop fan these are a must try.

froot loop doughnuts

“Follow my nose. It always knows.” – Toucan Sam

Find your closest Hardees HERE!

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