Gravely Beer now sold in Kroger stores

By BECCA GIBSON | Derby City Weekend

Louisville-based Gravely Brewing Company is canning and selling its beer for the first time.

You’ll find six packs of canned Gravely beer in Kroger stores in Louisville and across the Commonwealth. The first round of brews will include a couple of Gravely’s flagship IPAs — Debaser and Power Chord — plus the award-winning Sprockets Pilsner.

Gravely Beer
Gravely Beer will soon be available for purchase at local Kroger stores.

It’s a major sign of growth for Gravely, which opened in 2017 on Baxter Avenue with a focus on beer and music.

“We are so excited to bring some of our most popular beers from the taproom into the retail marketplace,” Gravely Founder and President Nathaniel Gravely said. “Canning our top beers has always been an important part of our roadmap, but we wanted it to happen organically, as we first focused internally on building our brand, strengthening our staff, and dialing in our recipes.”

The Gravely team has been trying to increase brewing capacity, but in order to crank out the volume of packaged beer required for the project, the company had to establish a strategic distributional partnership with Taft’s Brewing in Cincinnati.

Gravely beer will be available in most of the Kroger stores in Louisville and Lexington starting soon.

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