Your guide to Thunder Over Louisville

By: Maira Ansari

Thousands of people will be enjoying Thunder Over Louisville this weekend. The last thing you want is to be held up at the gate.

Here is a list of things to leave at home, according to the Kentucky Derby Festival:

This applies to ALL viewing areas within the Thunder Over Louisville venue on the Kentucky side – which goes south from the Ohio River to Main Street between Clay Street and 10th Street and includes Thunder Chow Wagon, Meijer Family Fun Zone on the West Belvedere and North Great Lawn viewing area.

  • No Drones – The FAA has established a no-fly zone around the Thunder venue. Unmanned aircraft, such as drones, won’t be allowed within 5 miles. Any drones on site could shut down the air show. Violators face confiscation and up to an $11,000 fine. This will be strictly enforced in Kentucky and Indiana.
  • No Tents or Canopies of any kind will be allowed within Waterfront Park. Structures of any kind will be required to be taken down.
  • No taping or roping off of larges areas will be allowed. This will be strictly enforced throughout the Thunder venue.
  • No overnight camping allowed in Waterfront Park or the overall event area. Waterfront Park officially closes at 11 PM on Friday night and will open at 9 AM on Saturday morning.
  • No glass bottles are allowed at the event site. Plastic containers, cans and food are permitted. There will be food and soft drink stands throughout the venue to take care of any food cravings.
  • Beer is also available at the Chow Wagon at Waterfront Park, North Great Lawn, Big 4 Family Fun Area and Meijer Family Fun Zone on the West Belvedere.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • No grills are allowed inside the Thunder venue.

No bikes, skateboards or skates are allowed in the event venue. You will be asked to walk them in for pedestrian safety. If you ride your bike to Thunder, please bring a lock and use the bike parking available at Bingham Way and Witherspoon Street, the corner of Preston and Witherspoon Streets and the base of the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge (on both sides of the river).
Please leave any pets at home.

A picnic blanket or tarp (limited to 10’x10′) and lawn chairs are allowed inside the Thunder venue (including the North Great Lawn viewing area).

Food or Drink is permitted in the North Great Lawn viewing area, Meijer Family Fun Zone on the West Belvedere, Big 4 Lawn and other areas of the Thunder venue.

All people and their belongings are subject to search.

Thunder over Louisville is Saturday, April 21. The Air Show starts at 3:00 p.m. and fireworks start at 9:30 p.m. For more information, click or tap here.

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