Great places for coffee in Louisville

Louisville has some great places for lattes and leisure.

Here are some of the top spots from the Derby City Weekend and WAVE 3 News staff:

Highland Coffee

1140 Bardstown Road

We love Highland Coffee! Not only is the atmosphere laid back, the Americano is a fav – their Cafe Mocha Bended Freeze is the best! And E is a big fan of their yummy treat case-munching down on a double chocolate brown in this photo.

-Connie Leonard, WAVE 3 News Anchor

The Mocha Blended Freeze at Highland Coffee is the perfect summer drink. Cool, refreshing and a burst of caffeine. Plus it’s the quintessential local coffee shop with baked goods, a peg board promoting area businesses, and its in the heart of the Highlands.

-Kent Taylor, WAVE 3 News Sports Director

(Pictured: Emerson Taylor)

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306 West Woodlawn Avenue
2122 South Preston Street
1647 Norris Place
231 South 5th Street

I love their microroast selection! I bought a grinder ($20 at Target), and I grind the beans at home every morning. Twice a year, they have a barista competition and choose 2-3 original recipes for their seasonal offerings. My fave is the Smoked Vanilla Cardamom Latte, but they don’t have it anymore *sad face*

-Amber Powell, Derby City Weekend Producer

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Heine Brothers'

1250 Bardstown Road
2220 Bardstown Road
3060 Bardstown Road
516 Main Street
462 South 4th Street
400 South 2nd Street (Omni Hotel)
2714 Frankfort Avenue
2309 Frankfort Avenue (Vint)
119 Chenoweth Lane
4305 Shelbyville Road
3965 Taylorsville Road
805 Blankenbaker Parkway
822 Eastern Parkway
4901 Brownsboro Road
1475 Veterans Parkway (Jeffersonville)

There’s never time in the morning to stop in a shop, so I grab a bag & brew my favorite at home.  Heine Brothers is my go to coffee.  I love the chocolaty flavor and it makes a great cold brew for this dad on the go.

-Michael Williams, WAVE 3 News Photojournalist

Louisville’s Heine Brothers’ Coffee helped me survive my days as a 22-year-old producer on the Sunrise shift.  I’d drop in the Douglass Loop shop for a Red Eye to power through the nights and mornings. Walking through the door, I’d be hit with the beautiful smell of their bold coffee, and often grab a bag of grounds to enjoy at home. It’s also a nice spot to hit up for a jolt after dinner or meet with friends. I like my coffee bold and strong, so it always hits the spot! The Bee Keeper latte or Con Panna are lovely when I want something sweeter, or the caramel apple cider is the perfect way to celebrate all the “basic” Fall feels. Now, as a 30-something mom who’s still working the Sunrise shift, Heine Brothers’ coffee is still a vital part of life. It’s even better now, with more locations and drive-thrus. I also feel good about giving my money to a local business with an organic, fair trade product. Now I just need to suggest adding a coffee IV drip to the menu.

-Valerie Paxton, WAVE 3 News Sunrise Executive Producer

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Please & Thank You

252 East Market Street
800 East Market Street
2341 Frankfort Avenue

Please & Thank You, a small-batch bakery and coffeehouse, has three retail shops and a bake-house in Louisville. They’re known for their espresso drinks:  Two favorites are the decadent ganache latte, a dark chocolate confection, and the honey boy latte, which combines local honey with espresso and your choice of steamed milk. While there, don’t miss the chocolate chip cookies, widely considered to be the best in the city. 

-Erin O’Neil, WAVE 3 Digital News Producer

I love Please & Thank You because when I get the coffee I also just have to get a chocolate chip cookie.  They are insane! 

-Shannon Cogan, WAVE 3 News Anchor

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Vint Coffee

2309 Frankfort Avenue

Nestled along Frankfort Avenue in Clifton is a coffee house, with a little something extra. Vint is operated by Heine Brothers’ and serves the chain’s traditional organic fair trade coffee- plus tea, beer and wine.  The outdoor patio is often filled with students and young professionals, sipping beverages while studying or working. However I typically swing through the drive-thru to pick up a coffee of the day or red eye on my way into work. The staff is always friendly—following the store’s motto of offering “premium beverages with efficiency and grace.”  Vint is a neighborhood favorite, that’s never left me disappointed.

-Becca Gibson, WAVE 3 News Producer

Vint’s charm comes in all seasons, with a wonderful outdoor patio for warmer months, and a cozy inside for the cooler. The coffee shop is my favorite for reading & working. It’s a great place to take time to slow down and relax before the day with coffee or unwind in the evening during their late hours with a glass of wine.

-Chris Newman, WAVE 3 News Producer

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They’re everywhere!

My espresso is served in a white cup adorned with a topless mermaid – The Siren (don’t judge, y’all). I know many folks prefer getting their coffee fix from one of the many local coffee vendors but I am a Starbucks junkie. Specifically I love Pumpkin Spice Latte, also known as PSL, in the fall. When the seasonal drink is no longer available, my go to choice is a Caramel Macchiato that I get with extra carmel drizzle for that oh-so-sweet finish.

-Rhonda Harshfield, WAVE 3 News Art Director

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Red Hot Roasters

1007 East Main Street
1399 Lexington Road

Is there anything better than a freshly brewed great cup of coffee?  My answer is no, I am a coffee lover!  I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped at Red Hot Roasters. I really like the name too, for coffee on my way to the station. I ordered the Red Eye and it did not disappoint! It tasted great and did not have a bitter aftertaste as some full-bodied coffee’s do.  The awesome aroma was just as appealing as the coffee itself and made me glad I took the extra time to experience a great cup of coffee again!  I think I just found my new guilty pleasure.  I am planning to make Red Hot Roasters a habit.  I love coffee and I’m one of those people who can drink it anytime, day or night. Red Hot Roasters offers organic coffee and the menu includes the classics, cold and specialty coffee drinks. They also have a few bakery goods to choose from such as scones, muffins, etc. if you are hungry and want something quick. It’s a great place to stop for a great cup of coffee!

-Candace Green, WAVE 3 News Media Planner

Quills Coffee

802 East Main Street
930 Baxter Avenue
327 West Cardinal Blvd
117 St. Matthews Avenue
137 East Market Street (New Albany)

Quills aesthetic is unique and beautiful in different ways across all their locations – the most visited personally is housed in a renovated firehouse (802 East Main St). A big draw also comes in their service; the baristas all very kind and genuine in conversation. Many choose the differing blends of music played across their locations, so you may even hear the work of employees at Quills who double down as musicians, like Matt Hubbard and David Swanberg- who play with Louisville-based Tomberlin

-Chris Newman, WAVE 3 News Producer

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Dunkin Donuts

320 South 4th Street
4601 Dixie Highway
2815 Fern Valley Road
3333 Newburg Road
12401 Shelbyville Road
9913 Brownsboro Road
2711 East 10th Street (Jeffersonville)
3012 St. Joseph Road (New Albany)

Dunkin Donuts has nearly torn my family apart. Growing up in Chicago we all were passionate Blackhawks Hockey fans. Since my parents moved to Nashville 3 years ago, Dunkin Donuts has started promotions that give free coffee through their app if the local Predators Hockey team wins. It’s revealed that allegiances for some to sports teams are tied more to a free cup of joe than years of family bonding. Regardless, the local locations hold their own promos and can be a place for deals good enough to forgo personal family struggle and pick up a cheap (but good) cup of coffee.

-Chris Newman, WAVE 3 News Producer

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