Help Wanted: Professional cheeseburger tester

If you need a little side hustle, and if you love cheeseburgers, this is for you.
That dream job just happens to be available.
In honor of national cheeseburger day on Friday, casino review portal Bonus Finder USA  says it will pay $500 to someone who will be a “professional cheeseburger tester”. That lucky person will get to travel the country to find the best cheeseburger in the country.
To apply, just provide your name, email and written description of why you would be the ultimate “cheeseburger tester.”
You must be 21- years- old and a resident of the united states or Canada.

And it would help if you’re not on a diet.


Bonus Finder has a list of some of the things that make a great burger:

✔️ Patty seasoning

✔️ Patty texture

✔️ Bun softness

✔️ Bun taste

✔️ Complexity of flavors used

✔️ Relish and/or sauce taste

✔️ Cheese flavor and creaminess

✔️ Value for money

✔️ Quality of the ingredients


Click here for more information on how to enter.