Hermitage Farm opens for tours and dine-in guests

For the first time, you can now take tours of the historic Hermitage Farm in Goshen. It’s a venture that was pushed back by the ongoing global health crisis.
Four-time carriage driving Champion Steve Wilson showed WAVE 3 around the former Stud Barn Friday.
Wilson bought the farm about 10 years ago and now you can see these world-class horses that compete globally.
A lot of these operations were supposed to be up and running months ago, but health restrictions kept that from happening.​
Wilson is excited to share what the farm has to offer. “Each of these [horses] has competed at national championships,” said Wilson. “I competed in the world championships twice. Germany and Slovenia, so all these horses have traveled between Europe and Kentucky many times.”
One of the more unique features at Hermitage Farm is the Restaurant, Barn 8. They’re using their own produce, bringing a whole new meaning to “farm-to-table.”
Restaurant General Manager and chef Alison Settle said it was a gut punch when they were getting ready to open back in March, but were forced to shut down due to COVID-19. “It was like a firework that you light that just didn’t take off,” said Settle. “Suddenly you’re waiting for the show, but it’s gone. It’s a loss of identity a little bit.”
At the restaurant, you can sit in the original stalls of Barn 8. Social distancing is still being enforced.
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