Iron throne from ‘Game of Thrones’ re-created in Louisville


A Louisville couple is laying claim to the Seven Kingdoms.

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones you’re probably familiar with the iron throne that’s been the source for so many gruesome deaths over seven seasons. Well, a Louisville welder found a less violent way to bestow the throne to his wife.

It took a team of a dozen people, three months and 200 pounds of aluminum to make a replica throne fit for his queen.

“We hung out watching it and we love it so much,” Game of Thrones fan and Knights Welding School student Michael Hayes said. “I just wanted to do something great for the wedding.”

Michael and Kacie Hayes wedding with iron throne
Michael Hayes built his wife, Kacie, the iron throne for their wedding.

Hayes asked his friends at the Knight School of Welding to help him create an iron throne for his wife Kacie as a wedding gift. At first he didn’t have the manpower for the project, but then he got a surprise response.

“Off the bat people were just ready to help you make something outlandish,” Hayes said.

“I hadn’t watched Game of Thrones at that point,” throne designer and welding teacher Anthony Williams said. “Shame on me.”

Williams helped design the throne after a few days of binge watching.

“All came down to imagery,” he said.

Instead of using the swords of his enemies, this aluminum throne features 400 personalized swords from every ally that put in more than 100 hours to build it.

iron throne replica detail game of thrones
Everyone who worked on the throne gave it a personalized touch.

“We did intricate designs at one point or another everybody had their hands on those,” Williams said.

Game of Thrones is far more than just a show for Mike and Kacie Hayes. To them, it’s the bond that keeps them together.

“It’s surrounded by magic and dragons and sword fights that we can’t relate to but underneath all that is an amazing message about who you could be,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the first episode of the final season did not disappoint, but it is an end of an era.

Michael Hayes
Hayes says the show is something he and his wife bond over.

The Knight School of Welding funded the nearly $8,000 project. Haye’s said some of the producers of the Game of Thrones have seen the throne and loved it.

He rents it out for fans to get the experience for themselves. Even Hollywood stars have gotten in on the fun, with Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting on the throne at his Arnold Classic.

All fans have to pay for is transportation of the throne. Email for more information.

The school has also started taking special requests for other design projects. They’re currently working on a Cinderella carriage for a parade.

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