Jeremiah Khampadith’s FAVE 3 Roller Coasters

By: Jeremiah Khampadith, WAVE 3 News Master Control Operator

Jeremiah Khampadith

I’ve loved amusement parks for as long as I can remember. I was the kid who spent hours and hours constructing crazy rides in Roller Coaster Tycoon and even building working models with K’Nex. I still visit Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World and Kings Island any chance I can.

My friends say it’s hard to get me to go anywhere unless an amusement park is somehow involved. It’s probably true, but what can I say—some people are into cars, some like computers… I like roller coasters.

Luckily, there are so many great coasters in our region. Here are three of my favorites:

(Source: Kings Island)

Flight of Fear at Kings Island

You’ll find Flight of Fear off to the side of The Racer at Kings Island in an area the park used to call “X-Base” (“Area 72” starting with the 2020 season). This steel coaster is an experience from start to finish. The queue itself is awesomely-themed – it leads you into a hangar that’s housing a spacecraft! Something you will not find, though, is a typical chain or cable lift. Instead, you’re catapulted from the station at more than 50 miles-per-hour into a “spaghetti bowl,” where you’ll flip through four inversions… in the dark.

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(Source: Thrillist)

The Voyage at Holiday World

The Voyage is in the Thanksgiving-themed area of Holiday World, and it’s a MONSTER! This wooden coaster is what I think of when I hear “air time” – seat who? I don’t know her! The Voyage does have a brake-run halfway through its course (something we coaster nerds don’t usually like), but I feel like I need it to catch my breath before the train regains its speed and whips back to the station. If you like speed, lots of hills, abrupt turns and that “out of the seat” feeling, no Holiday World trip will be complete without riding this amazing, well-paced coaster.

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(Source: Coaster101)

Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom

Only 90s kids will remember Twisted Twins, the dueling wood/steel hybrid coaster that sat behind Mile High Falls at Kentucky Kingdom. Stella and Lola are now long gone and in their place is an all-steel coaster that packs a huge punch. Storm Chaser is the kind of ride you just can’t get enough of – you’ve already flipped upside-down before you even get through the first drop! Major air time here, too, and lots of twisting and turning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get off disappointed. Storm Chaser is always a ton of fun that never gets old.

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