Joe Huber’s restaurant reopens under new owners

By Rachael Krause, WAVE 3 News

“It’s been a long road but well worth it,” said Jenna Clem, co-owner at Joe Huber’s family farm and restaurant.

After months of uncertainty following the sale and auction of the popular spot, the Starlight, Indiana staple is now back open.

After 92 years, Joe Huber’s family farm and restaurant went on the auction block in November when the owners decided to sell. But others stepped up to buy the popular spot and keep it in the family.

Friday at 11 a.m., the doors reopened and customers began filtering in for lunch.

“My dad’s favorite has always been the chicken livers. I like the fried chicken. What do you guys like?” Carla Coahran asked, looking at the table to her family members inside Joe Huber’s restaurant.

“It’s all good,” said Hannah Ledbetter.

The fourth grader said she loves it all.

“And the biscuits and apple butter are phenomenal,” Coahran said.

She and her family have been coming here for years.

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“A lot,” Ledbetter said in agreement.

“Oh generations. My parents brought me here and my baby was like three days old and we brought him here for his first experience out at a restaurant, years and years. And I think anybody that you talk to that comes here can say the same thing,” Coahran said.

The regular customers to be here for lunch on the first day for a little taste of tradition. And while you’ll see a lot of favorites on the menu still, the owners say they’ve got a few new things in store as they explore new menu items.

“You know, we worked really hard to get to where we are today,” said Jenna Clem, co-owner at Joe Huber’s family farm and restaurant.

The news in the fall about Joe Huber’s going up for sale sent shockwaves through the community as people rushed to save or buy a piece of it.  The destination is a popular one for folks looking for a home-cooked bite to eat or for a place to pick pumpkins with the family in the fall.

Jenna Clem and her husband, together with some members of the family fought to buy the farm and keep it in the family during the November auction to keep the Huber tradition alive.

“Deserves to be continued. Not just for me and my family but all the families in the communities that have their traditions and memories,” Clem said.”My grandpa always said that he wanted the people to come to his farm, but he wanted it to feel like it was their farm and just be able to relax and walk around and feel at home. That was his vision and we’re glad we can continue that.”

“Huber’s has always been our happy place. When we feel like we needed to be cheered up, we would drive up here and enjoy the scenery and the food and the good friends, people that we see here,” Coahran said.

It’s why Coahran and her family wanted to be one of the first customers as they reopened, there to support the next chapter and generation at Huber’s.

“Feels like home. Good to be home,” Coahran said.

Joe Huber’s family farm and restaurant is not related to Huber’s Orchard and Winery located nearby in Starlight. Their ownership has not changed.

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