John Boel’s FAVE 3 Ironman Meals

By: John Boel, WAVE 3 News Sunrise Anchor

I burn about 8,000 calories during the 140-mile Ironman Triathlon. It’s impossible to carbo-load anything close to that number.

In fact, most people don’t know what proper carbo-loading really is. They stuff as much pasta down their throats as they can the night before. But, that will give you gastrointestinal distress the next morning when it’s time to rock.

The best approach before something like the Ironman is to gradually increase your carb intake days before the big event.

Here is what I do for my FAVE 3 dinners prior to the competition:

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons)


Grilled chicken breast, plain baked potato, green beans. Serve with large salad, honey mustard dressing, croutons, cheese.

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons)


Large sub sandwich, wheat bread, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, onion.

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons)


One plate of wheat pasta (not white) with marinara sauce. No meat. Breadsticks are OK but no garlic. No seconds.