Kentucky Kingdom opens following delayed start to the season


Kentucky Kingdom opened their gates Monday, as parts of Hurricane Bay opened as well.

For months, the park had been held back by statewide COVID-19 restrictions that prevented them from opening.

Some guests were in line for hours waiting to get in Monday.

“This is probably one of the best amusement parks still standing in the U.S.,” season pass holder Adam Miller said.

Miller was the first person in the park Monday. A Louisville native and a roller-coaster enthusiast, Miller started waiting at 8:3o a.m. for the gates to open at 11 a.m.

He said there’s a lot of change every year at the park, but this year is especially different.

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay are implementing new rules that start the moment you walk in.

Each guests’ temperature is taken at the gate. Seating on rides is limited and social distance will be enforced.

Adam Miller said in his 20 years of going to the park, he’s never felt unsafe.

“I trust Kentucky Kingdom. They’ve always made it clear that number one is safety,” Miller said. “They’ve never let me down. They’ve never let another guest down that I’ve seen. If there is a safety problem, [I] always go to guest services and they immediately take action. That’s what I love about this park.”

All employees at the park are required to wear masks. Guests are highly encouraged to wear one too.

While parts of Hurricane Bay opened Monday, the rest will open, with limitations, on July 3.

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