KFC brings meatless ‘Beyond Fried Chicken’ to more restaurants

(Source: Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Are you interested in trying fried chicken that’s made without meat?

Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it’s expanding its test of “Beyond Fried Chicken”, fried chicken that’s made with plant-based meat. Starting February 3rd, restaurants in Charlotte, Nashville and surrounding areas will get a chance to try out the new finger lickin’ good menu items.

The product was created through KFC’s partnership with Beyond Meat, a food company that is creating plant-based food that looks and tastes like real meat.

The original test launch for Beyond Fried Chicken last summer in Atlanta showed high demand for the product. Customers lined up hours before restaurants opened and the product was sold out within hours.

Another successful test launch could expand “Beyond Fried Chicken” to more locations.

The test will run until February 23rd or while supplies last. For more information and to find the nearest test location, visit KFC’s website.

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