Liège and Dairy collaborates with Jefferson’s Bourbon

Liège and Dairy Collaborates with Jefferson’s Bourbon

Louisvillians Trey Zoeller, Jefferson’s ‘Master Blender, and Andrew Llewellyn, founder of Liège & Dairy have joined forces to bring authentic Kentucky bourbon to three delicious ice cream flavors to be featured during Bourbon month in September at both Liège & Dairy Locations.

The new bourbon ‘flight’ of flavors include:

The “Trey-Fecta” – a mix of S’mores, bacon & bourbon. Graham cracker bourbon ice cream base with notes of marshmallow & bacon pieces.

“Papa Chet” – a mix of bourbon honey ice cream with pralines & caramel.

“Jefferson’s Manhattan” – a mix of chocolate bourbon ice cream with cherries and chocolate chunks. Featuring Jefferson’s Manhattan cocktail mix.

Most ice cream ingredients and toppings are non-GMO and locally sourced.

Trace amounts of alcohol are present in these adult-focused local small-batch ice cream flavors because authentic Jefferson’s bourbon is being used, instead of a synthetic bourbon flavoring.

Flavors will be available September 1st and only available while supplies last.

Liège & Dairy’s Derby flavors sold out in only a couple of weeks.

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