Logan Street Market to repurpose ReSurfaced

Louisville will recognize a number of assets from ReSurfaced when The Logan Street Market opens in February of 2019.

Both organizations are known for being innovative, fresh and sustainable. The Logan Street Market has acquired ReSurfaced shipping containers, soccer field turf, and even Jason Scroggins’ Massimals and geometric seating to enhance the huge market slated to open early next year.

The Logan Street Market will be a gathering place for friends, family and neighbors from across the city.

“Our vision is to be an all-inclusive space for community events,” said Mike Safai, President and CEO of Safai Coffee and The Logan Street Market. “It is a perfect way to repurpose the ReSurfaced assets for the community.”

When complete, The Logan Street Market will feature a huge indoor market complete with restaurants, vendors, an event kitchen, craft brewery, and of course, Safai Coffee. ReSurfaced fans will recognize the seating containers that will become part of a “Farmer’s Plaza” that will feature a weekly Farmer’s Market and special events.

In addition to the market and Farmer’s Plaza, The Logan Street Market rooftop will hold a number of shipping containers that will be converted into a truly innovative Airbnb.

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