Louisville pizza parlor to shut down during Super Bowl to show thanks for employees

By Mike Fussell, WAVE 3 News

With Super Bowl LIII now just two days away, the excitement isn’t limited to Atlanta.

Some Louisville restaurants are looking to grow their business — as football fans get ready to celebrate.

Feeding fans can lead to increased sales, but some are using the game to develop new ideas or show employees how much they’re appreciated too.

At Feast in Nulu, sandwiches made their way to tables Friday, only to vanish leaving just a plate behind.

Come Sunday, the barbecue may be performing the same disappearing act in someone’s living room.

“It’s definitely creating buzz,” Christen Malone, catering director for Feast and Royals, said.

Malone said the companies are using the Super Bowl as a springboard to grow their sports-related catering business segments.

“We’re definitely going to go into March Madness and try to really get in on that market,” Malone said.

Feast BBQ will be open on Super Bowl Sunday.

Across town, pizza reigns supreme at the Post in Germantown.

As the doors opened, an employee scribbled the what ‘Slice of the Day’ would be on a chalkboard  – the chicken, artichoke, tomato pizza.

But on Sunday, it wont be for sale–in fact, none of the pizza at the Post will be.

“We are closing down this year for the Super Bowl for our annual employee party,” co-owner Nash Neely said.

He said he’ll be forgoing a piece of the Super Bowl pizza profit pie, but for a good reason.

“The phone does ring off the hook,” Neely said. “We get a lot of people that call in and wish that they could do carryout, but we feel like it’s a good time to close the doors, put the game on the big screen and just sort of have a party.”

Neely said his crew members work hard and he wanted to show them they are appreciated.

So, regardless of who wins and loses, a day off for workers or some extra money in their wallets will have many feeling like they’ve scored a touchdown themselves.

The Post has not been open during the Super Bowl for the past several years.

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