Louisville restaurants make list of Best Fried Chicken in America

Thrillist has put out their list of America’s 31 best restaurants for fried chicken. Two Louisville restaurants have made the cut.

One of the restaurants on Thrillist’s list, Harvest on Market Street.

“As they do in most restaurants that adhere aggressively to local sourcing (see the pictures of the farmers they work with adorning the walls), Harvest evolves its menu with the seasons. Luckily, buttermilk fried chicken never goes out of season. They do occasionally evolve the accoutrements you’ll find on the side, but don’t worry — this chicken could be served alongside a brick and an old shoe, and you’d still be ecstatic. You should be even more ecstatic that they’ve instead elected to accompany it with fluffy mashed potatoes, braised greens, buttermilk gravy, and hot sauce. Keep an eye out for chicken & waffles when they grace the brunch menu.”

Fried Chicken (Harvest Restaurant – Louisville /Facebook)

Another Louisville spot ranked as the best, Shirley Mae’s Cafe on Clay Street.

“For nearly three decades now, Shirley Mae Beard has kept the rich history of the building that used to house the famous watering hole J&H Food Bar alive with her home cooking cafe. Before you do anything else, get some of that famous hot water cornbread to hold you down while you watch her cook-to-order your Southern fried jumbo chicken wings. For $9 at lunch, you get four perfect wings, cornbread, and two sides (make sure one is real mashed potato salad). The pan-fried wings have just enough seasoning and stay crispy and moist, even as you’re asking for a couple more pieces of cornbread and a sweet tea to help wash it all down.”

While Thrillist says they love many chains as well, they confined their list to restaurants with only a few locations.

Check out the full list here.