Louisville Zoo celebrates Fitz the elephant’s first birthday August 2

(Source: Louisville Zoo)

Happy Birthday Fitz!

A fan favorite at the Louisville Zoo, Fitz the elephant, will be celebrating his first birthday Sunday, August 2.

The Louisville Zoo announced on Facebook that they would go live from the elephant exhibit 11:00 a.m. on Sunday to celebrate Fitz’s first birthday. Any fans wishing to celebrate with the zoo can stream the event live on their Facebook page.

A press released from the Louisville Zoo said Fitz will open gifts of watermelons and bananas during the event. Zoo officials said they will discuss the importance of Fitz as an animal ambassador to the Louisville Zoo and will sing the elephant calf “Happy Birthday.”

After being born last year, Fitz was given his name in October after a contest with around 15,000 entries. Fitz was the second elephant born at the Louisville Zoo in its 50-year history, the zoo says.

While the Louisville Zoo closed in March due to COVID-19 and has recently opened back up to guests, Fitz has continued to star in a weekly Facebook stream on Fridays posted by the Louisville Zoo.

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