Louisville Zoo reveals which animal is pregnant

The Louisville Zoo is expecting another addition!

The Zoo revealed Tuesday, Rona, a gray seal, was expecting her first pup.

Rona’s caretakers said she is gaining a good amount of weight and has a private indoor space.

A 16-year-old gray seal named Boone, who is on exhibit with Rona, is the father.

Gray seals are pregnant for about 11 months, according to the Louisville Zoo.

The baby is expected to be born anytime between now and February and could weigh around 35 pounds.

During the first four months before they are weaned, seal pups gain approximately 100 pounds.

Before the reveal, the Zoo posted a video on Facebook showing the ultrasound and inviting fans to guess which animal is having a baby.

Rona was born at the Smithsonian National Zoo in 2014 and has been at the Louisville Zoo since 2016, according to the Zoo’s website.