Louisville Zoo welcomes baby addax

The Louisville Zoo welcomed a new baby during quarantine.

Sixteen-year-old Patella, or Ella, a Saharan addax, gave birth to a baby girl on May 8. Zoo officials said she weighed 16 pounds at her neonatal checkup.

Laird, 7, sired the baby.

According to the Louisville Zoo, addax live in small groups of five to 15 and are found in arid regions of Africa pockets in the Sahara Desert. The Zoo said the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists them as critically endangered and estimated less than 100 remained in the wild in 2016.

The new baby is the 60th baby addax born at the Louisville Zoo since it opened in 1969.

The baby will be in the exhibit with the other addax.

A naming contest will be held to name her. Details about the contest have not been released.

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