Making a splash: Rescued sea lion headlining new show at Kentucky Kingdom

A rescued sea lion is taking center stage at Kentucky Kingdom.

In Kentucky Kingdom’s Aqua Theater, 8-year-old Lilly plays the lead role in the Sea Lion Splash show, and her trainer said she loves showing off her skills. Lilly was rescued from a California beach.

A Kentucky Kingdom trainer said 8-year-old Lilly enjoys the opportunity to show her skills on stage in the Sea Lion Splash show.

“Well, she definitely didn’t go to acting school, that’s for sure,” Ansley Phillips with Squalus, Inc., said. “Lilly and I participate in sessions every single day together. She’s definitely got a mind of her own as well.”

Lilly and another rescued sea lion, Avacado, will take turns entertaining guests. The performance also teaches the crowd about conservation and recycling.

Sea Lion Splash is free with park admission.

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