Master P chooses winner of ‘I Got The Hook-Up 2’ contest

Christian Butler & Master P

I Got The Hook-Up 2 is set to be released this summer. It’s the sequel to Master P’s hit comedy from 1997. The cast of the new film is loaded with some of the hottest new comedians, as well as veteran comics you’ve been seeing on the big screen for years.

“I decided to do the movie because people are not laughing,” Master P said. “We’re losing so many people to senseless crime and people are so serious.”

So Master P teamed up with Derby City Weekend to ask the people of Louisville: How can laughter and comedy help improve our communities?

Contestants wrote essays to answer that question. We received more than 250 entries, which were narrowed down to 10 finalists.

On Friday, February 8, Master P announced the final winner – Christian Butler.

The Winton and Hiestand Law Group, who sponsored the contest, hosted a party at Virtue the Venue Friday night for all the contest finalists. There was food, music, games and plenty of excitement about the trip to Hollywood.

“I’m just honored,” Christian said. “To be honest, I’m honored. This is definitely one for the books.”

We asked Christian what inspired her winning essay.

“That’s how you can create change,” she said. “It only comes from within. If you’re not right within, then you’re not going to be able to help yourself, let alone anybody else. So the benefits that you can get from laughter, that’s what’s going to help our community get to where it needs to be.”

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