Nitro Coffee Meets Beer For A Perfect Drink

Taproom Coffee makes coffee that looks and tastes like beer.

Taproom Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia has something for every taste at every time of day. Whether it’s a drip coffee, nitro coffee, or a draft beer you want, they’ve got you covered. It’s a great place to get some work done, read a book, or just lazily people watch from their floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the small commercial district of the Kirkwood neighborhood.

They also feature pastries baked right around the corner at Ratio Bakeshop and display art from local artists around the shop.

But we here at The Southern Weekend think the real art happens in the back of the house. That’s where Jonathan Pascual and his team of baristas cook up their signature line of nitro beverages.  In this video, Jonathan Pascual, the owner and operator of Taproom Coffee, walks us through what exactly can go into his nitro coffee drinks.

In the craft beer and coffee worlds, “nitro” means drinks are infused with nitrogen instead of the standard carbon. It will give your drinks a smoother, creamier, and slightly heavier mouth feel and can add a whole new element to a familiar beverage.

The Taproom team takes their nitro coffee one step further than most third-wave coffee establishments. They brewed up a drink they lovingly refer to as a Beerspresso. Imagine a coffee stout without the alcohol or a coffee with nice floral and citrus notes to cut through the bitterness. It’s hands down one of the most unique beverages in the city and absolutely one of the most refreshing.

To round out the nitro line Taproom has a drink to liven up anyone’s tea party. The Hopsintea is quite literally what the name indicates. It’s an herbal tea with hop flavors and an alluring reddish pink hue. Oh and it’s caffeine-free so feel free to drink as much as you want.

The next time you feel bored by your usual morning coffee head on over to Taproom in Kirkwood. And if you can’t pick which drink you want to try then fret not. All of Taproom’s nitro drinks can be canned behind the bar so they’ll stay fresh for hours.

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