Pizza chain closes third and last Louisville location


There was no warning that another business was going to be closing and leaving faithful patrons surprised. Louisville is a foodie city and it’s a tough business to be in.

There are lot of pizza places in town. Mellow Mushroom, the franchise based out of Atlanta hasn’t had much luck here in Louisville. Now, they’ve abruptly closed their third and last location in the St. Matthews area.

There was no one at the Mellow Mushroom off Shelbyville Road on Tuesday, just a handwritten sign that says they are closed.

“We just found out this morning,” Plehn’s Bakery manager Katie McCune said.

“Half of our staff goes over there for pizza and they come over here sometimes,” Drake’s manager Aaron Cobb said.

The Mellow Mushroom location off Blankenbaker closed in 2017, the Highlands location closed last year.

The Mellow Mushroom in St. Matthews closed its doors on April 30, 2019.

The Chamber of St. Matthews expected the Shelbyville Road location to be a good fit for them.

“We expected that to be a great location for them and for them to do really well there,” Josh Suiter from the Chamber of St. Matthews said.

“It’s always sad to see a member of the community leave like that,” Cobb said.

Plehn’s Bakery is the oldest business on that block. The bakery has a faithful customer base and new ones that come in thanks to other restaurants that have moved in like Taco Luchador and Drake’s. They’ve seen a number of their neighbors come and go, part of the issue for some is parking.

“Some businesses go into that space and do really well,” Suiter said. “Then we have others that they have not quite made it couple of years and I think a lot of it is attributed to a lot happening in the area and the need for more parking. We are trying to do the best with that that we can.”

The Chamber of St. Matthews says a good fit would be another restaurant or bar. People in the area say they hope that whoever moves into the Shelbyville Road location will leave up the old Baker Boy hot donut sign which adds a lot of character to the location.

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